A 'Smart' Outdoor deck

I wanted to get ideas and thoughts from all you super smart and experienced people about what things you would include/do/create/etc in making a ‘smart’ outdoor deck. The deck details are:

  • 35ftx20ft covered deck - with 1 of the 20ft sides having a wall - rest are open
  • the one wall side will be where the outdoor fridge and cabinets are located
  • Outdoor Fridge
  • 2 fans with lights - tied to 1 switch and use the included remotes for the fan lights
  • 4 lights - 1 on each of the corners dimmable per Family CEO - uses 1 main switch for all 4 lights
  • TV/DirecTv box/Surround Receiver/Apple TV
  • extra outlets for blender’s, chargers, etc
  • electric smoker

We have 2 main routes to the deck - out the back door from the house and other option is using the gate.

Hope this is the right forum spot for this type of question and I look forward to hearing what everyone dreams up! Thanks for the help.

Sounds exciting! What’s the weather like in your area? That can make a big difference in equipment selection. :snowflake::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :snowman_with_snow: :sunny: