A simple way to get alerts when your doorbell is rung

this is a great idea. my dog goes nuts when our doorbell is pressed so I want to make my house lights flash or something instead.

Using a spare open close (zigbee smartthings)sensor I should be able to do the same approach as OP.

My question is can I use twaks device type for that also? or will it just be simple open close door type setup?

Mike good idea. Not following the circuit though. So the open ended wires go where? Also the battery on the open close sensor is removed? As I see it there is an open closed sensor that has a magnet and a wired sensor that has a magnet. When the doorbell rings the solenoid gets magnetized. So then a signal is sent via the sensor and through the wires? Now where I am lost is where to the wires go.

Thanks in advance!!!

The wires from the external magnetic contact are connected to the little green terminal block in the contact sensor.
The battery was removed for clarity.

Thanks Mike so much for your reply. I am not an electrical guy, could you by any chance post a pic of where the wires are connected? I am guessing polarity does not matter?
Did you have to solder them on?

Thanks again

Polarity doesn’t matter.

Hi this link is not working anymore?

Hi @vilayanur,

I’m moving my device handlers to a different location. It can be found here:


Thank you. So just install new device and edit open/close sensor to this device type?


Yup, it’s just that simple!

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I loved this idea, I mean it’s so simple and so efficient…

I just made my own with a Centralite Door Sensor (the one for Iris) but with a dremel I decided I had to make room for the sensor and be able to place the cover back on.

To do that, I recommend to remove the bell mechanism, there is a clip you can pull to release the whole thing.

Several trials but I eventually opened completely the box on the coil side to get a flat plate allowing me to stick the Door Sensor to the bottom of the door bell.

For convenience I also removed the battery cover, it’ll be easy to swap the batteries when needed.

I love it, now time to try the apps for that :slightly_smiling:

My doorbell happens to be ancient - and I suspect the electromagnet is not quite strong enough to trip the sensor in my Iris door contact sensor. (It’d trigger 5-6 times in a single push - which to me signals that it’s juuuuust strong enough to trip the sensor but not sustain a magnetic field strong enough to keep the sensor firmly in the ‘closed’ position).

Instead of spending even MORE money - I tossed some neodymium magnets onto the end of the bell strike and set the contact sensor up towards the end of the strike’s resting position. It reads as open - and when the bell kicks the strike to the right - it trips the unit into ‘closed’ and then back to ‘open’ when it comes to a rest. Setting this up took a while to prevent the magnetic field from the doorbell electromagnet from interfering.

I then have IFTTT set to trigger a web call when that contact sensor is tripped. Works great!


I just did the exact same thing using an iris open/close sensor. Worked out great.
But not sure which device type to use with the zigbee iris sensor to avoid it just showing as open all the time. The custom device types I tried did not work.

Hi @mcbay,

EDIT: I just did test this with my Iris device used in a freezer, and it did work for me.

I used the code above from my zwave Ecolink sensor and modified it for a Zigbee sensor like ST’s or the Iris version. Give this a quick try:


I don’t have an Iris sensor handy to test with, but this should work. To get notifications, just use SHM. That’s what I do with my Ecolink, and here’s how the set up looks like in SHM:

That device type worked perfectly. I set up the notification just like you did in SHM. Awesome.

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I fiddled with this on the weekend expecting an easy result given the simplicity :wink:
Turns out I can’t get enough magnetism to close the contact but every time I ring the door bell the accelerometer goes off in the ST multi due to the chime vibration so problem solved!
A little double sided tape next to the resonance chamber and job done.

For anyone curious, I took a picture of the circuit board inside the Nexia DB100Z doorbell sensor:

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Based on reading through this thread (thanks to all!) and thinking about the various possible ways to have a notification to SmartThings when the doorbell rings so that I can do some things, I finally set mine up this afternoon.

I bought a Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor from Amazon and used electrical tape to mount the sensor to the inside of the doorbell near the ‘ding’ (or dong) plate. The sensor picks up the vibration and sends that signal to SmartThings as an active ‘acceleration’.

I then set up (2) Rule Manager Rules:

  1. When the doorbell is pressed between sunset and sunrise the rule captures the current on/off/dim state of outside front and living room lights, then turns those lights on/up to 100% for 10 minutes. It then recovers them to their previous on/off/dim state.
  2. The second rule works 24/7 and sends both a Push and an SMS Text message to my phone whenever the doorbell button is pushed.

It works great! I know this is not a new idea and it’s been discussed here before I tried it. So, thanks again for the idea and the discussion that led to this outcome.



I am going to try this.

I have some iris open/closed sensors on the way.

What does your device type do differently than the stock iris open/closed device type?

Since in the smart home monitor your screenshot shows detecting for open close state, what does the extra device type do?


Hi @professordave,

My device type changes how the device looks in the app, but everything else is completely the same.

Instead of saying Open or Closed (which looks odd for a doorbell), it just says “Ding Dong” regardless if it’s open or closed. It also retains Open/Closed for device states, which allows SHM to work right.

FYI: I just updated the code to work around what ST broke with the latest app release (displaying text in the main tile).



Sounds perfect; thanks!

Cannot wait to try

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