A simple way to get alerts when your doorbell is rung

So true. Thanks for that! Basic tests working well with @gorf device type, though I think we can cut some code from there. Will test some more. Link to the device type I found Working MIMOlite Device Type with Sensor

The Notify Me app with mimo as the contact device is all you need.

Hey Johnny,

Great job, looks good, and hope it works great.

I found the following door sensor by Fibaro, which can be wired into a normal two wire door bell: http://www.uk-automation.co.uk/products/Z-Wave-Door-and-Window-Sensor-by-Fibaro.html (I am sure they make one for the US).

All you need to do is wire it in either to the door bell, replacing the existing bell, or in parallel (so the existing door bell continues to work).

Some experience I have found trying this out, was that I get the notifications of the door bell but some times was not real time enough for me to be able to answer the door or check camera’s. Did you find this as well?


That’s really interesting! I have the same issue in that my home office is on the 3rd floor and I can’t hear the doorbell. Currently I have an old iPhone 4 sitting in the window looking out on my front porch with the Presence app running. Basically turns any old iDevice with a camera into a Dropcam with motion detection. So as soon as someone steps on my porch, my phone buzzes.

My doorbell is wireless, not sure I have anything that the door contact would see as a magnet. Definitely would like to have a doorbell notification though, very cool.


I stumbled on this post as I was about to post my experiments today. I had a spare SmartThings Open/Closed sensor that I tried to trigger with the magnetic coil of the bell. It seems that the SmartThings reed switch is not as sensitive as the switch that Johnny_Davy used, or my doorbell does not have as strong a magnetic field. Our doorbell looks very similar to wackware’s.

I had to remove the sensor from its housing and shove it in the small space right next to the coil to get the open/close trigger. I wanted to turn on a light when it closes, but then had to write my own SmartApp, as the existing apps all seemed to work on sensors being NC and not NO, which how the sensor behaves in the coil field. I.e. open is the inactive state, and it closes when the doorbell gets triggered. So I now have a simple SmartApp that will turn on a ligth for 30 seconds when the doorbell rings.

I am probably going to desolder the reed switch from the circuit board of the sensor and attach a wire to it. That will allow me to put the sensor back in its housing and mount the reed switch right next to the coil. That will simplify future battery changes. At the moment everything is held together with scotch tape and blue tack. And I don’t mean that figuratively:).

I saw this post and figured I would give it a try.

I used a PEQ contact sensor from BB… works great and is small. Cover fits over it with no issues.

Only issue is it is in constant “open” mode and orange, any way to set ST to have it reversed?

Green on open orange on closed?

@wackware I don’t suppose you’d let me have a copy of your device type for this, would you? :smile: Please?

Sure. You’re using the MimoLite right?

Let me clean it up a bit and document the code. Also, I need to fully implement the timer that shows the main tile in a bell rung (ding-dong) state for 20 seconds.

To work like I wanted, it needs an app that can listen (subscribe) to a button push if you want text or push notification. I customized a version of “Notify me when” to listen for a “button pushed” event. The stock one does not.

I’ll submit the custom “notify me when” to ST standard release/update, while posting both to my github this coming weekend. If you need it sooner, let me know. I’ll see what I can do.


@wackware Yep, MIMOLite. I had one waiting for my water valve project, but this was too tempting! No worries I can wait. I appreciate your willingness to help.

I needed a break from the other project that I’m working on so I thought I’d knock this out. It’s a little tricky to get it installed. Make sure to read device type file instructions. Required

Here is the device type file:
Mimolite Doorbell Device File

Here is the “Notify Me When…” App
Notify Me When… App with Button functionality


@wackware Break? I can only imagine what you’re working on, so thanks for doing this so fast. I’m done and done! I was lucky enough to have a single gang box behind the chime, so I was able to put the entire mimolite in that box (after configuring it) without having to cut anything up on the chime mechanism. Nice and neat install.

I’m bugging the family by testing, so before I test again and make the dog jump and bark again I’ll see what you think: Does it matter how long someone presses the button? I would think the faster the less time the mimolite can process the power messages and send any message on power up/down. The reason I ask is because I got current state “stuck” on pushed at one point.

Thanks again for doing this, very much appreciated!

Did I understand the wiring of these correctly?, it appears that you are supplying 24VAC to the MIMO’s DC power inputs directly, is this correct?

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Look in the activity in the device detail. I’ve seen where the main tile does not update but the “released” state did fire.

Let me know.

Hi @wackware I can see the right sequence of “pressed” and “released” messages without any “abandoned” pairs, if that makes sense. The only thing that sticks out is the time difference at the 12:44pm and 12:52pm marks where “released” came several minutes apart from “pressed”:

OK. It looks like your device is not firing the power off event right away. I changed to code to fire the “released” event every time any power up happens. I also think I fixed the tile not updating on some devices. iPad worked every time, but my android didn’t. Works now. Here’s the updated code:

I’m the updated code

If you want to test it without having to go to the front door, uncomment lines 63 and 64. And then the main tile becomes live and you can tap it to test. Remember to save and publish the device if you change the code.

Anyone know if this code/app can work with a open/close sensor?

Thanks @wackware, have a great Thanksgiving and thanks for giving back to this community!

Is it working correctly now?

Yes indeed, working perfectly for me.

This is such a clever idea! Seems there is a need for a power off sensor with a small form factor.

Any other clever ideas you may have kicking in your head how to use this you want to share?

If you’re talking about what I’m posting, the answer is no. It’s a “button” device. You’re looking for something to listen for a “contact” device.

I think you can use the stock “notify me when” though.