A simple way to get alerts when your doorbell is rung

Maybe, but the thermostat on their Devices page looks the same as the PEQ. If Sage stuck to zigbee standards, for this thermo you never know.

Then again, the dimmer and appliance modules look all too familiar (hint - Iris and/or ST’s) and I wouldn’t be surprised if Sage developed their own HA profile.

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I have the same door chime as @Francky and followed the instructions. Using @johnconstantelo device handler I have it set up in IDE, but I am not able to get the sensor to register when the door bell rings. Any ideas?

Have you first tried manually with the iris magnet coming with the door sensor to check if the device handler sees the trigger?

If this is working then to get that working with the bell, the key is the position because the magnet inside the door bell isn’t strong.
If you look at the picture I posted, you need to make sure that the small Line/dot on top of the sensor is correctly aligned with the bell coil.
You may have to play around to find the sweet spot.

Hi @cavallino47. Does the Iris sensor work when you change the device handler back to a SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor? @Francky’s suggestions are spot on too.

Thanks to all who posted to this topic. Got my doorbell “smart”, a NuTone LB-12 using an external reed switch from Radio Shack, a GoControl window/door sensor, and the device code in post #87.

I ended up getting one of these. It’s a Zigbee device and I tried a few stock and custom device handlers and wasn’t able to get any of them to generate notification information for me.

I put together a real quick overview with some product images and information - and an even a more quickly put together device handler for testing.

So far it appears to work acceptably - although I’ve only tested with a handful of presses. In very limited testing, It doesn’t appear to have the “quick flick” missed message issue I was seeing with the Nexia Doorbell Sensor. I haven’t been able to get any battery information from it yet, so the battery status field will be blank.

The device handler provides a two button ‘pressed’ notification supporting the SAGE’s two distinct doorbell notifications capability (eg. front door/back-door).

If anyone has one of these yet, I would appreciate any feedback since I’ve only done very limited testing so far. I’ll try to find some time to look into getting battery status from it.


I’ll test it out tonight or over the weekend.

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This doorbell sensor from Sage home security is great. No need to mod any open close sensors. Just three steps:
Pair device with ST.
Add the custom device type by @Darwin
Connect it to the doorbell leads.

And you are done.


For what it’s worth, for folks who are looking to buy a new doorbell, I would like to add that my Aeon Labs doorbell works great.
$50 item and have had no problems with it in the few months I have had it.
Integrates well with the ST Hub, and sends alerts to my phone when rung (If I want that).
I can have the doorbell react to events from other ST devices, such as a motion detector or door/window switch.
Very easy to install. The button is wireless, and the bell unit plugs directly into a 110 outlet making it very easy to install.
Some reviews state folks have difficulty getting the button to transmit into their house. I have not had that problem.

This DTH and device were exactly what I’ve been looking for, for a year, maybe two. Brilliant. Thank you! Reliable doorbell. I was using a multi before, and if the wall shook… couldn’t trust it. This is rock solid, thanks!

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Glad it’s working for you. So far I’m really liking this device too. Decent price, and so far it hasn’t missed a doorbell press. Only issue I’ve found is I can’t seem to get any battery status out of the thing. Cluster 0001 always returns with a value of 0. I don’t have a low CR2 battery to test with, but have tried using a couple of very low AA’s and the device still returns 0. Not a big deal in the scheme of things for a doorbell, I suppose. I imagine the Lithium battery will last quite a long time. I’ll keep fiddling with it.

@Darwin the listing for the sage doorbell shows support for 2 different doorbells as input. Does your device type handle this?

How big is this device?

I am using a multi, but getting notifications for both doors would be good.

Thanks again for developing this.

@professordave, yes the device handler handles 2 different doorbells. They’ll show up as button 1 (green wire) and button 2 (yellow wire). White wire is common. You can set up different notifications for each using the stock Button Controller app or of course CoRE. The device is roughly 3" x 1.5" x .7". For more info and several images, I put together a device overview at http://darwinsden.com/sage-doorbell-sensor-review-smartthings-device-handler/

Hi @Darwin,

Can you add directions on how to setup notifications for individual buttons? Currently my way only gives me an alert for both buttons and not front or back. Can you add that info to your site?

I added a section with directions on setting up distinct notifications for each doorbell button using the stock button controller app. Hope this helps. I added this pretty quickly, so also let me know if it doesn’t work for you or if there are other issues in general.

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When I use the ecolink window/door sensor and put the external magnetic contact sensor on the device light stays lit and no longer responds in smart things…

Thanks @Darwin . I was being dumb. I used the same setup for the KeyFob and Minimote.

You should create your own DoorBell project post on ST.

Recommend the SAGE Doorbell sensor for everyone. Thea easiest install.

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Maybe the external switch is bad?, try using a jumper wire to test it, along with the original magnet.

The issue was that in order for the sensor to work the cover must be on (it depresses a button).

Thank you for discovering this device and creating the device handler. It seemed to have been working ok for me for a few weeks, but now I’m having a strange problem. Every doorbell press sends three consecutive doorbell presses to smart things. Have you noticed anything like this? I tried repairing it and it was working ok for about a day but now has reverted back to sending three press signals. Thank you!