A simple way to configure and estimate your SmartHome!

Hi All !

Since we all love SmartThings for what they do, I asked myself : what could I do to explain to my friends and other people how easy it is to get a smarthome, how much it will cost and finally, what they can do with it !
This was the basis of my work. I wanted to simplify the process of creating the perfect smart home. Therefore, I’ve been selecting the most efficient products and created a simple estimate tool !
Here is where you can find it :


You will receive your estimate by email and if you want to get the material cost’s details, you just have to follow the link :smile:
I already sent it to some friends and they found amazing how easy it is and also that turning their home into a smart one isn’t as expensive as they thought

Tell me what you think ! I hope you will enjoy it ! :smiley:


Awesome Website @AngeloB :+1: I think this is a great tool to give people, that are new to the smart home, and idea what they can make ‘smart’ and simplify the process of identifying what they need to buy.

This will surely help to expand the SmartThings user base which will benefit all of us using ST.
Wouldn’t be surprised if SmartThings makes you an offer to buy out the site and integrate into their own website.

One note… I received the following email estimate, $803, based on my inputs on the site

When list of items comes up on Amazon the total is significantly less at $585.56

Is there a reason for email estimate being higher? (i.e. if they needed someone to install or other devices they may need to add on). Just think it may be better to give estimate that is identical to Amazon device sum as there is less chance of ‘sticker shock’ on how much home automation will cost.


Hi @jotto !

First of all thank you for your reply !! :smile:
Hope that SmartThings can hear you ! :stuck_out_tongue:
For the amount’s difference, it probably comes from Amazon : they are making additional discounts on some of the products ! If I make the sum of what is shown on your cart the result is 760.11$, so not that much differences with what the website has provide :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But I will take a look in order to get the most accurate estimate !
Again thank you !!


Hey Guys !

I’m proud to annonce that SmartHome Estimate has been taken to the next level !!
And we can thanks Tech.co for that :

http://tech.co/smarthome-estimate-home-automation-2015-07 :smile:

and also @obycode with their fabulous SmartRules App also available on SmartHome Estimate !

I also worked on a UK version of the website, but since SmartThings isn’t on the market right now, you will only get an estimate without having the possibility to access the item’s details


New features will be available as soon as SmartThings will be on the market !

Spread it around the world ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you !