A note about AutoNotification

For those of you using Tasker as a means to help integrate ST into your overall smart home, a thought on using the AutoNotification plugin.

You can be very specific with the conditions that will trigger a profile to activate. For example, you can say that if X app sends a notification with Y identifier and T text, then activate the profile.

But I’m finding it far more useful to be very generic about activating the profile. Because you might have a variety of notifications coming from a single app, and wish each different type of notification to do a certain task.

So I’m having any notification coming from an app trigger the profile… and then having a list of tasks associated with the profile. And each task can have an ‘if’ condition. You can have a multitude of such tasks associated with a single profile. So if a notification text contains the word ‘opened’ one task is triggered, if instead the notification text contains the word ‘paused’ a different task is triggered, if the title contains ‘kitchen’ yet another task is triggered, etc.

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