A non-problem post

Just because almost every post on here is about some difficulty, I just want to note that my ST has been running flawlessly for some weeks now. All the devices are operating, all the routines working, the modes switching, the integration with android tablets and multiple Echo Dots flawless.

Even my wife is starting to dig it.


May your good fortune spread to us all! :sunglasses:


OK, I’ll be that guy. You just cursed it, and all of your devices will stop responding in 3-2-1…


HA! Didn’t happen! :slight_smile:

My Echo Dot in the music studio did stop working for a moment. The band were dazzled when I said “alexa, turn on the rehearsal studio” and everything came on in the proper sequence. But later I asked Alexa what time. It is, and the unit did not respond. I had to turn it off and back on. Apparently, a heavy rock band in full flight is a bit too much for Alexa’s mic array to handle.

Lesson learned. If you’ve got really loud stuff going on, mute the Echo’s mics.

The reason people post here about their problems is because they seek some help or advice. I don’t see a reason why would anyone post about their flawlessly working system, but if you need help with that, I’m sure someone will step up and help you break it. :wink:


i agree mine works flawless

Lots of people post nonproblem posts: the project reports section is full of them. :sunglasses:

You can use the quick browse list in the community – created wiki and check the project reports section for lists on holiday ideas, impress your friends projects, get started projects, etc.


Also, pretty much everything posted in the community – created code sections of the forum are noncomplaint posts.

And most of the posts in the devices section are about device features. Not platform complaints.

All in all, I think less than 25% of the posts are complaints about the platform. It’s a high percentage of the posts in the general category just because there isn’t any place else to really put them.

I would like to see a “feedback and ideas” subcategory under General, just because it would keep things more organized, but that’s just me.

It’s not OCD; I’m an engineer. :wink:

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Dude, when @JH1 sees this post your screwed! Lol

My system works awesome! And then I use it lol


I am pretty sure you just screwed him by tagging JH1 lol :joy:

But to add @Glen_King It’s been awesome for me as well. No complaint’s from me.

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I have to agree, since the March melt down there has definitely been an increase in platform reliability. I have zero hard evidence of that, only the fact that I haven’t had to tinker any programming to get things to work. CoRE has been very stable as well add my hardware.

But then again, maybe I just finally got enough failsafe automatons built in to make my system seem stable… I honestly do not know.

Now, there have been glitches in the cloud, there have been problems, but there had been a noticeable improvement.


I concur. All my devices are working perfectly and the only issues I’ve run into recently were created by me (programming errors in the IDE etc).

There was one day where I was messing around with a few shades and created a script to keep them all aligned… it kinda backfired and lets just say I had my shades dancing around for a good 8 hours with no one at home…

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I’m looking forward to the day I get my shades done

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Just a followup: I had purchased slew of Iris smart plugs some months ago. One of them could not be paired at the time. I tried the reset sequence, no go. I was gonna return it, but never got around to it… tonight I tried it again, and after doing the reset it paired with no problem.

hey @Glen_King are you on Shard-one???

how’s the no problem system now??? lol





Next time you’ll know better not to jinx it. :smiling_imp:


Oops, looks like I jinxed it after all lol
Didn’t impact me though, and yes I’m on shard one.


And you thought I was kidding.