A multi Thermostat manager with A.I


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A multi thermostat manager with near limitless possibilities. May be a bit hard to handle at first, but once set up properly it’ll take care of temperatures and other features at a level of comfort that is managed by a near true A.I. level of analytics. Still working on minor glitches but it’s already working reliably in my home.

New App: Thermostat Mode Director

Just tried install this app, but some of my modes are named “null” when setting up the app, and when Im finished with the settings and click “done”, I get this message : an unexpected error occurred.

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Thank you for your feedback.

It can be because I didn’t make it required to select a second custom mode (in the section offering you to add more modes, it shows 2 fields, one required, the other one not required, while it should be required.

I just updated the code with some fixes so maybe you can try using this latest version (same link) and if you still get the error message can you send me a copy of the logs that you get, the exact error message?

without the debug logs it’s next to impossible to guess what it can be. :slight_smile: Thanks a lot, again, for the feedback, much needed in order to figure out multiple possible bugs that, like it’s the case now, may never happen to me with my personal home configuration.


I will try again then, thank you, one thing though, is this app still under development? or if its discontinued?


One more thing after trying again, when Im supposed choose modes for when I’m home, I can only select one mode, but I’m supposed to select the various modes, right?

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Actually for now it’s only one mode per item but you can chose 5 different modes total the idea is 1mode = 1 set of temperatures settings but I’ll soon be working on allowing multiple modes per set of settings. Same with sets of thermostats. It just poses several technical problems to the point of rethinking the entire infrastructure of the app but it’s in the works.

Yes the app is in constant development because it’s an A.I. It’ll soon be able to learn from ur habits but it’s already powerful because it is capable to adjust settings based on a lot of outside and inside factors such as inside humidity and outside humidity, inside and outside difference of temperatures (amplitudes) or even wind speed and “feels like” temperatures, lights on/off, motion within the last x minutes, and many more.

I intend to add linear regressions and once that is done the app will be capable to learn your preferences and modify itself! It’s ambitious so I’ll make it a separate option that will run in a sandbox to avoid complications and AI uprising haha! :slight_smile:

Thanks again, let me know

PS : even after installing it you can always update it from my repository : elfege / smartthingspublic / master

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Let me know if you still had the same error. Still need the logs to take any further action. Thank you again.


Hmm, on various settings it says “null” in description, so its hard to setup, cause I can’t figure out what the various modes is, since it display “null”.
Plus, I can only add 2 extra modes, please make it so we can add the amount of number we need, I need 4 more modes :slight_smile:

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“null” may appear before you selected your thermostats. It matters to enter your thermostats and other devices in the first section before you go to any mode. The sections will refresh once you selected your devices. Would you mind a screen shot so I can make sure u are not referring to something else? From where I stand it looks like you are trying to fill the temperature section without having selected your devices yet, or any other section which requires devices to be set up. Maybe I should make it so it’s not possible to access a section before the first one is filled. But, again, a screen shot would be just what I need to see what you are dealing with.

The app can work with 5 different modes. I can add more modes per section though. I’ll work on this as soon as I have some time. Do you need 4 more separate modes which will use different settings each, or do you need to add multiple modes for the same set of Temp parameters?

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I don’t know if you have time to check it out again but I’ve added several modifications and you can now have several modes per section. It took me some time for it required to rethink quite many parts of the overall app’s infrastructure, but I hope this will make it more convenient.


(ELllv) #11

FYI and for whoever would be willing to help me with that project (by trying to use it for its possible scenarios are so vast that I can’t try them all on my little infrastructure), I’ve added, among many other features, the following ones:

  • Now you can have sets of thermostats working with sets of motion sensors and sets of modes alltogether

  • You can use a virtually infinite number of thermostats, sensors and modes.

  • Overrides management, as a consequence of these changes, are to be entirely rethought, but I’m almost done with this now.

(ELllv) #12

overrides were simplified and now work reliably. You can now override any of your settings, the app will “know” that you are no longer willing, for the time being, to manage one specific thermostat, providing you set it to “auto”. You can then set whatever temperature you wish. Soon, that is by the end of next summer, the app will learn new values from your inputs in override mode and will implement them within a frame of various linear regressions. It’ll then start being true A.I. since it’ll return new SP outputs from various new user’s habits.