A mixed lighting automation in kitchen

In my kitchen I have a combo of Hue light bulbs/strips, Cree light over the oven range (on ST), and non-smart fixtures over the island on a smart dimming outlet in ST. When we want the kitchen bright (for food prep, for example) I have a ST routine that uses a combo of color temp and color hue, keyed on the Hue bulb over the sink area, telling ST to set the island and oven lights to 100% brightness.

Conversely, when done we typically tell Alexa to turn the kitchen blue. And we then want the island lights to dim, and the oven light to turn off. But of course the Cree bulb and the dimming outlet don’t respond directly to Hue color commands. So the ST routine uses the color temperature of the sink bulb to set those to where they should be.

It’s a fun and useful way to combine voice commands with lighting automations to achieve what you want.

EDIT: I should note that the commands for Bright and Blue in the kitchen are Hue scenes. The ST routines are secondary.