A little info on the Williams Sonoma Google Home Rebate

After 3 transfers, I finally got to someone who invested the time to research the issue. Apparently, there was some unintended “confusion” and the rebate was supposed to be reflected in the selling price (from $49 to $29). That doesn’t explain why there was a form, but that’s the explanation that was provided.

So, the takeaway is that you should not expect to receive a rebate. You should plan to return the item or seek assistance as I did for a courtesy rebate/partial refund given the circumstances.

Any chance I can bribe someone with a contact in exchange for a how-to get TTS and announcements working on the GH?

Happy Holidays!


Thanks for the research and posting this.

So that’s three “truths” we have so far from calling W-S:

  1. @RightHand: Wait and a credit will show up on your CC bill
  2. Me: Wait, and you’ll get a rebate check in the mail
  3. You: Wait as much as you want, 'cause nothing is going to happen


Somehow, I have a sad feeling your info is the real deal, as my agent was groping around for an explanation and found no one w/any info to help her.

I’m going to call them and escalate…can you tell us what they provided you in terms of a courtesy rebate?


I was told they would issue a credit to the account used in the purchase.
Dana - Sending you a PM.

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I called again and received different answers, I was first told it would be a store credit, then it could be a mailed rebate check, then a credit to your CC used for purchase, this was all from one phone representative. So I just asked for a refund. I was told it would be processed and put on hold only to be returned to the main menu. I figured I’d do it online, but couldn’t because it said the return was in progress although I received no confirmation or shipping label to complete the return. I called my CC company and they just gave me a $20 credit instead of going through a dispute.

I received a credit toward the original form of payment but only because I pursued the issue with customer service. If anyone needs a contact, please PM me.