A Goodbye schedule to dim lights only if it's dark and they are already on

Hi, still finding my feet with the ST app, so apologies if I’m missing something.

I set up a schedule that activates when I leave the house (based in the presence/absence of my phone)

I’d like to automatically dim any light that is on.

It appears that (in the schedule settings) you have to turn a light on before you can dim it. (Sounds obvious when I write that!)

Is there a way to only dim lights (devices) that are are already on? Ie, when I leave the house, dim all lights that are on.

I also (obviously) only want this schedule to run when it’s dark. How do I do this.
If this can’t be done in the native app, why not?!

In summary:
IF it’s dark (I can use a light sensor for this)
AND IF I leave the house,
AND IF a light is on
THEN dim it.

Yes there is a way. Its called rule machine and the use of conditions

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Thanks for the pointer! :+1:

Disappointed that this can not be done in the native app, but I see there’s plenty on this forum regarding Rule Machine, so I’ll get reading!