9V zigbee/zwave switch


I have a standalone simple alarm on my door. It is locked with a pinpad.
I’d like to be able to disable/enable it through Smartthings.
As it is powered with a 9V battery , I had thought that I could use a simple power switch supporting either zigbee or zwave. However, I could not find any zigbee/zwave switch which is powered with 9V

Any suggestions ?


.You could get a standard 120v switched outlet and a 9V DC adapter, then turn the outlet on/off with ST…

that’s not a good solution.
converting 9V to 110V is not that easy …
it would make a huge adapter near my alarm.

the previous guy gave you the best solution, to add 120vac-to-9vdc power supply, switched by a standard plug-in switch. 12vdc will probably also work.

Fortrezz MIMOlite is supposed to run on 9vdc-24vdc but at 300ma (true this is the “max” rating), I expect your 9v battery will be dead in a day.

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thanks. but an adapter will not be goor at that place. so there’s no suitable solution.
I’d expect that severeal companies had released such zigbee/zwave devices