$9 Zigbee Xiaomi Door/Window Sensors (works for some people)

This isn’t exactly true. Many zigbee devices fall back to HA 1.2 with standard clusters and don’t advertise it. So if you can get it to join ST, it might work with ST. I’ve gotten a lot of “Zigbee Pro” devices working with ST because of this. Just have to figure out the endpoints / clusters and the hex codes to send / receive to understand the device.


I already have a xiaomi smart home kit and have tried searching for the sensors via Smarthings app.

It was not successful. I am willing to try any ideas you might have.

Well, there should be a reset / pairing procedure of some sort, if it joins and shows clusters in the live log of the ide then it might show up as a “thing” even though the mobile app won’t detect it.

Long shot, but most likely if it won’t pair, it won’t work.

Can you please elaborate?

There is indeed a little reset hole on the sensor. What do I do? Do I press that and then search for things and take a look at the logs?

Thank you

Gearbest kindly decided to wait an inordinately long time to look at my cancellation request and didn’t get to it till after they were dispatched so I’ll be getting a couple of sensors coming too. They didn’t cost a lot so not too worried.

They did offer me 10% refund though because they took so long lol (equates to $1.71!)

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Can someone please help?

According to this press release “Xiaomi has adopted NXP’s JN516x ZigBee low-power wireless solution to power the connectivity of the Smart Home Suite”.

Maybe someone knowledgeable can fish some important info from the datasheets on NXP’s website.

Hi there,

You are saying that Xiaomi also makes other more expensive zigbee sensors? Can you provide a link?

Thank you

Xiaomi doesn’t manufacture their own products. Shenzhen does the zigbee line you linked to in the press release, and they do make other more expensive ZHA 1.2 compliant sensors under other brand names.

It’s not complicated.

Check each model. If it says it’s ZHA 1.2 certified, there’s a good chance it will work with SmartThings. If it doesn’t, there’s a good chance it won’t. It’s not the company name that matters. It’s the final certification for each specific model.

They may be using parts that could be certified, as control4 does, but then choose to use company-specific encryption, making a specific model incompatible with SmartThings. You just have to check each model. (That’s why a preproduction press release doesn’t tell you very much even if it says it’s going to use a Zigbee radio.)

If you want to get one and try it, that’s your choice. if you get it to work, that’s great. :sunglasses:

Did it pair at all? If it will pair, even just as a “thing,” people may be able to help you get it working.

If it won’t pair, then it’s more likely to be like the original Iris sensors (which are also pretty cheap) or the original NYCE’s–Zigbee, but not a Zigbee that SmartThings can talk to.

Thank you very much for the detailed info.
I already have a Xiaomi smart home kit available.

Can you please advise how am i supposed to link it to smartthings hub?
All i can do is reset the sensor (pin in the reset hole) and then look for it through the app. I can also open the ide and look at the live log so that to see if anything comes up there.

Any other ideas?

Sorry, no more ideas, it sounds like you’ve tried all the right things. If it won’t pair, it’s not compatible.

Nice to know that.

Thank you so much for all your help.

I wish I could help more, but it doesn’t sound like anyone else has gotten one of these to pair, either.

Okay guys i have some news. Good, i think.

I opened up the IDE and then started looking for things from within the iPhone app. I proceeded with resetting (pin through reset hole) the door sensor, button, motion sensor of the Xiaomi smart home kit - one at a time.
All three sensors (door, motion, button) indeed produced some logs and all three were recognised as things in the “My devices” tab.

See pictures bellow:

Here are logs from the motion sensor connection:

Here are the device listings:

Here are the things from the iPhone app:

So that’s about it. I don’t know if anything can be done with those things.
Maybe someone more knowledgeable can guide me so that we can utilise these sensors .

All ideas are welcome.

This looks promising to me. The fact they’ve paired is good. They just don’t seem to have an appropriate device type handler.

When mine arrive I’ll have to have a look closer if nobody gets to it before me.

Hey Chris,

If you can guide me I can run some tests.
I am not a dev, but I can understand some code if I have to.

Hopefully we can make these work because I need 15 door sensors and the price for the official ST ones is too expensive for me.

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That looks very interesting, I have no idea what to do next but seeing ST detect them looks promising. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can guide you.

I can only suggest going into the IDE and changing the device type to the closest SmartThings/SmartSense one you can find and see if it works…

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Hey there!

Just tried to change the device type of the Xiaomi door sensor. I tried all device types that looked like a door sensor. No luck unfortunately.

:frowning: thats a shame… I am not sure what else to try at present :confused: