$9 Zigbee Xiaomi Door/Window Sensors (works for some people)


@pstuart: Excuse my ignorance, how important is the fingerprinting? Is it so ST can identify devices as well as know how to send commands?

I received my sensors today. It looks like as long as you are happy to assign the device type manually they can be of use as sensors at least. Anything that would require commands being sent to it might not be possible without documentation though.

So far I’ve made the tiny Zigbee button work with a simple device type.

Once I’ve written some device handlers I may buy more if they’ll do what I want even if it means not being able to use everything they can do. For the price, you can’t complain.

I’ll try setting up something for the contact sensor next.

If you can get it to work for you. Good. If you want to submit it for approval, fingerprinting is absolutely a requirement.

If you can find all the config settings, etc. cool. Don’t be surprised if the battery just dies, since you probably can’t get that without docs.

If you want to write and share a devicetype that you can just install in ide and change the thing to it manually, then it should work.

I have a lot of custom zigbee devices, but if you don’t submit it for approval, it will never run locally, and will have to run in the cloud… However, that may change someday, I’m not holding my breath.

Ok, thanks for the info :smile:

I’ll have a mess around :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Do you think you can make the sensors work with ST?

What I would love is to be able to utilize the door sensor within security rules. Is that possible?

Can you share your code for the button? What does it do?

Please keep us posted.

Thanks a lot


What you wrote about the impossibility of running locally custom Zigbee devices (not approved) is bad news. But for the price of the Xiaomi door sensor one should not expect much. Here in Europe the smart sense door sensor costs 39 GBP whereas the Xiaomi one costs 9 USD!

I have made them work to an extent. They can be used with the system and was using them last night.

HOWEVER after a period of inactivity, they go to sleep or disconnect. I suspect they need regular communication (heartbeat, poll or something) to keep them alive but without knowing any commands for the device it’s difficult to know what to do. I may try setting up a poll to poke it with just a command I know won’t work but it might be enough for the device to stay awake.

I won’t have time today probably so I will try when I can.

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@Kriskit my friend, i am eagerly waiting for the results of your test.

Thank you very much


It’s not looking good. I added polling but it still stops doing anything after a period of time. Though what I find strange is that even the poll method doesn’t seem to get called after a certain amount of time (according to the live logs). As if the device type isn’t executing anymore.

Haven’t had much time to investigate further but it’s not looking good at the moment.

This is bad news indeed.

Thanks for letting us know.

My problem is, my house has 15 (yes, fifteen!) doors and windows that all require an open/close sensor each.
Appart from the price tag, I would love to use the Xiaomi sensor because of it’s small size.

Hey @Kriskit do you think this could help you with polling?

Anyone want to try it out and let me know how it goes? I’ve only had the devices in had for a couple hours so I can’t tell whether they disconnect from the hub after a while.

@ktsi I have created a device type for the door sensor as well.

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I am going to check this out asap.
Hopefully you can make it work, even though I bit the bullet and have already ( :frowning: ) ordered a bunch of 30 GBP a piece door sensors from smartthings.

Let us know if the disconnect issue has been solved, no one else has been able to keep the devices running over time.

Hi Guys, any progress on these?

Interesting Update:

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thx i will start an new topic and i will contact the seller and ask for certification from zigbee and see what is their response

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Has there been any updates on this and is there a new link?

There have been multiple changes in the last few months in how SmartThings handles zigbee, one update broke the Xiaomi integration for a while, but then a later one appears to have fixed it for many people. Which is excellent. :sunglasses:

There is a newer thread then this one which has the device type handlers and current discussion of these devices. So check there for the latest news and code.

I’ve been using a Xiaomi Door/Window Sensor since three the last weeks without a glitch!
At least for the configuration that I have, these sensors are reliable.

In addition, I am also using a Xiaomi Zigebee Power Outlet, also working without a glitch since the last tree weeks. The outlet will power my fan everything that I tell Goggle Home “Fan On” (thanks to IFTTT). Amazing!

Very happy with the Xiaomi products and the amazing Smartthings community.

Did you have to do anything special to get them to be recognized by ST? or they connected with no problem?

You need to have the custom DH installed first, before attempting to connect them. See this thread for more information and for the DH.