80% of my devices have stopped responding

80% of my devices have stopped responding this morning. Rebooted the hub, no change. Z-wave repair, no change.

They stopped responding when you try to turn an individual device on via the app or automations stopped working or both?

Have you opened a ticket yet?

What messages do you get from the zwave repair?

You probably already know how to check the logs, but just in case:

No response from automation, mobile app or smarttiles. Z- wave repair sits and spins when started via the mobile app. No messages. Remove a device (lightify mini spots) I was able to re-pair the lights but no response from the app. Remove and reset them and now they won’t pair.

Nothing showing up in live logging when a switch is manually turn on/off

I can see that Rule machine recently changed the mode as it’s programmed to.

Everyday I have to dick around and fix something, I think it’s time to pair to different hub. I’ve lost all faith that ST will ever give me 24hrs of reliable operation.

That sounds like the hub has lost connection to your cloud account. (Or gone bad.)

I know you’ve probably already tried this, but for people finding this thread in the future, you can sometimes resynch the hub and the cloud account by taking the hub off power (including removing any batteries) for at least 15 minutes, then putting it back on power. It should then resynch.

If that doesn’t work, support will have to see what they can do from their side.

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what 20% is still working?

A mix of zwave and zigbee. Some zigbee motion sensor controlling zwave switches work other don’t.
Iris contact sensors are working.

Some Iris motion sensors show motion on the app but connected light don’t come on.

Light that are responding to motions sensors do not respond to the app.

Just a big meltdown

Disconnecting the hub and stepping away for a while. I wish I drank… There’s always yard work.


After the 26th hub update. I actually lost 3 of my reliable hue white lux bulbs directly paired and a bunch of zwave/zigbee devices. The typical reboot, reset… Power off, remove/add did not work. This is going to be painful to reconnect these hue bulbs. Thought the update was just for zwave and ethernet connectivity.

Possible answer to your problem?

New Hub Connectivity
Incident Report for SmartThings
New Incident Status: Identified
We identified a partial resource outage. Some users may have experienced difficulty connecting to a Location and/or setting up a Hub. We are adding additional capacity to the platform and will update when this is complete

Edit - just received notice it is resolved.

How is your system running now?



Seems that I was only getting response from local devices. Which caused much confusion with my inexperience. Hub was telling me it was online, reboots had no affect I shut it down for about an hour and when it reconnected things that had gone slow were fast again and everything else seems OK so far.
Thanks to all for the suggestions/tips

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i feel your pain brother.

Dead again UGGH!! The hub might going bad, 30 minute shut down and it’s up and running again.

Dead again — and still no response form support on the 2nd total melt down.