5V power supply for multiple Lightify Gardenspots in parallel

I just bought a trio of Lightify Gardenspots and they are looking pretty cool. The plan is an arch in the carport to welcome us home. All 3 are going to start from the same location / outlet, but rather than string them together (series), I would like each string to be on its own controller (parallel) so I can set different colors.

Instead of screwing all 3 power supplies into the rafters (and using 3 outlets), is there a 5V power supply that has three of those little 2 prong connectors? Or one where those could be wired in?

I guess I could clip the power supply end off the controller and wire to terminals, so the next question would be: can anyone recommend a 5V 10A power supply that can be used outdoors (but under a carport)?


I would say your probably stuck hard wiring these to your power supply. You can Google waterproof led power supplies. I looked into this a while ago and found several for sale online through Google and Amazon.

I ended up not needing the bigger power supply for my project (stringing 3 sets together in series), I went a different route.

I’m not sure you would need a 50 watt power supply to do what you want. If I remember correctly each set at 100% draws around 6 watts.
We discussed this in some detail in this thread around post #111 to say 130ish.

Hope that helps.

Thanks to the pointer to the power supply on Amazon. It’s way backordered but I’m sure I can gasp find it at another vendor. The 50 watts was to give myself some wiggle room for when I want to add more strings in the future, but 40 should be totally fine too, especially if each string is only drawing 6.

I poked through that other thread, but man you folk are prolific writers. Thanks for the specific link.

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Yeah finding stuff in the forums is a challenge. With so many conversations, that drift from topic, and bounce around. Some topics being thousands of post long. Nobody wants to read through all that.

I just knew that was there since I participated. Searched through my old post.

I found other vendors that had the same company / brand, with more choices. So other purchase options are out there and possibly cheaper. I just had that in my amazon list from previous research.