500: Internal Server Error. How to fix it? (March 2019)

Think there is a server-side issue here, hitting the exact same issue starting just an hour ago or so.

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Came online to see if there was an outage. Getting the same error here as well.


Getting this for My Devices on the web page. I cannot see any devices on the classic app but the new app has them and I can control them. My device handlers and Smart Apps on the web page look fine. Weird.

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From Groovy IDE just now - displays:

"Oh No! Something Went Wrong!"

Local zigbee Smartthings buttons don’t work - even after rebooting HUB

500: Internal Server Error



Reference Id



Thu Feb 27 04:15:34 UTC 2020

Yeah, classic app completely down, the new one its ok but not all devices work, only some.

Working good for me now. Everything OK!

i am having the same issue. adt alarm on the two apps are gone unable to load. classic app down. new app partial working. ide devices error. i think it is an outage.

I am back too. Yay!

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I got the opposite - Classic app works but not new one…

i was back for a minutes, but now it is not loading adt alarm again. i am rebooting see if it fix it.

Yep, back online now - no action taken on my end

it is partially working both the classical app and the new one. still unable to load the home security. on both apps.

Used Classic app to repair Z-wave network, rebooted hub. Seems like everything is work - Classic and new app…

I’m having the same issue; I know I have a “ghost device” that resulted from an incomplete inclusion, but I can’t get to my device list to delete it. @Brad_ST could you possibly do the same thing for me that you did for a user above, and delete the corrupt device on your end?

I do have a ticket (959026) but it’s been almost a week and the only communication I’ve gotten just says that the ticket has been passed to someone else. In the meantime, I’m unable to complete my transition from Wink so nothing in my house is working the way it should - very annoying when we’re stuck in the house all day!

Looks like my colleague got to it first. You should be all set.

Thank you SO much! I can confirm I can now see my device list and hub in the IDE and the app.

However, I still have some Zwave devices that show offline, but they are controllable when I actually send a command. I tried running a network repair and got several errors for a device with the network ID 0C, which according to my device list doesn’t exist. I believe that was the network ID for my ghost device. So while it’s not showing up in my device list or in any of the network paths anymore, it still seems to be stuck somewhere in my database and is causing my network repair to fail. Is that something you could look into?

I removed the “ghost node” though it wasn’t likely causing an issue.

Neither of the errors from 0C in the network repair are inherently bad - “Could not assign new route” and “Could not delete old routes”. JD expands on it here:

The offline devices don’t look like they are reporting all of the states they should be. I would exclude and re-add them.

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Hi Brad im having the same issue. When i log into the smartthings website i dont see either of my hub locations, hubs, or smartapps, no issues with both classic and new apps on my phone when it comes to devices and apps. Im trying to update my Rboys app for my smart locks. Not sure why nothing is showing up on the webpage. i usually never have a problem updating the code on the website to update the smartapp. my ticket number is #966148. thanks

Try choosing to sign in with your Samsung account when asked “Sign in with Samsung Account OR Sign in with SmartThings Account”.


That worked. You’re the best, thanks for the crazy fast response.