5 Iris Smart Buttons $10 each (SOLD)


I ended up not using these smart buttons. I bought them for about $15 each. If you buy all of them I’ll cover the shipping. If you don’t please add $2 to cover a portion of shipping. Please PM me if you are interested.

As JD would say: choice is good.

But personally, I never ‘got’ why I’d want to add a bunch of buttons to my automations. Isn’t the point of automation to not have to do - for things to occur, well… automatically?? IMO buttons are the opposite of that. And with voice command of all these functions available, it makes far more sense for me to not have to roam the house looking for the button to do the task.

I’m only saying that because I’m tempted to buy the buttons, and am trying to talk myself out of it. lol

In JD’s case his :dog2: can push a button, it can’t use Alexa or GA.
I don’t remember if ( when these worked ) they ran local or cloud. I have MiniMotes and Hue dimmers which both run local (respectively) all around the house just in case.

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Buttons are really handy to turn stuff on/off that would otherwise require you to pull out your cell or shout at Alexa. I have a living room table lamp with 2 LiFX bulbs in it that could use a button… right now the only way to turn it on without a cell is asking Alexa. The Hue lights in the same room and in the adjoining kitchen can all be turned off and on with their nifty remote.

I am waiting on Jasco’s new remotes to outfit most of the rooms with at least one remote replacing the 5 or so minimotes I currently use.

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My idea was to use them to automate something like “turn off all downstairs lights” but we ended up getting an Alexa device in every room. The built in ST integration along with EchoSistant has worked well for us.

My plan is to use a couple of them to have my dog press when he needs to go out, which will trigger a notification through Speaker Companion. I bought an Aquara switch for that purpose, but I can’t get it to pair. I’m sure I’ll come up with some other uses.

You guys have some smart pets.

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I bought a bunch of these as well, they have a defect with the battery holder if you can get them to work. I tossed them in the garbage, where they belong. My suggestion would be to take them back to Lowes and get credit for them in store, if you do not have the receipt. They had them on clearance for like 8 bucks.

I took one apart, fixed the battery connection issue, put it in this Container Store box and it became a cheap attic temperature sensor.

i have 3 of these and they’re absolutely horrible. they’ll work sometimes. tried adding “shims” behind the battery as suggested on some websites, but… of course, your experience may be better than mine

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:laughing: Come on guys, I sold them all to a member here.
FWIW, I use one for my daughter’s white noise machine and it has been working well for about 6 months.

So what kind of noise does it make?

Sorry that wasn’t clear. The white noise machine is a Marpac white noise sound machine connected to a Peanut plug. My entire family needs these to get good sleep. The button is needed for her Marpac because if we carry her sleeping into her room we don’t want to disturb her by using Alexa to turn it on.

It’s cool, I know these things can be hit or miss. I only need two of them to work, but if two do, I can get the rest to work. I’m looking forward to playing with them.

If I remember correctly the button currently on their website is the old version. It has reviews dating back to 2012 and no mention of ST compatibility.