4G Wirless Modem (Works with Iris)

I just saw this on lowes. Any planned support. I ask because we had a massive storm last night and knocked out internet for hours and local processing is a joke. This would come in handy as all our phones worked.

In order for SmartThings to become a DIY home security system, it really needs something like this to ensure an always-on internet connection. I found the Iris 4G wireless modem on Lowe’s website, but I’m not sure if it will be something that someone fully adapts for SmartThings.

I hope they do!!! Some lighting rules ran without internet some did not. And while cellular is not as fast its up time beats anything currently out there. Just getting my wife used to this smart stuff and yesterday she says so when the internet is down nothing works? I said yeah you have to use the gold old fashion light switches lol. She loves the minimote to control the stuff in the room.