$42 kindle fires

Don’t forget the $50/42 price is with advertising on the tablet, if you don’t want the ads you have to pay more.

I didn’t realize that! What kind of advertising is it?

Looks like just ads on the lock screen, have to pay an extra $15 per tablet to ‘disable’ them. With the six pack deal it still only works out to ~$59 per tablet after tax vs ~$45

Hey guys, before you guys go crazy with this tablet. Might want to wait just so we know it will work. Would be crappy not able to sideload stuffs because Amazon is also coming out with a new OS for this tablet. Heard really good review about the OS so chances are it will work but just in case. I told my wife i will probably get one first for my “daughter”.

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No need to try and install Google. Just put in 1 mobile market. And YES ST app works fine on Kindle, Kindle hd, Kindle hdx and Fire phone. So I see no reason why it wouldn’t work on these.
As far as smart tiles I am just assuming it will work. I see 1000 people mentioning smart tiles, but have not gone digging in the abyss to actually try and find the app to use it.

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Kindle has a browser and SmartTiles should work with any modern browser.

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You should try it. ST is not complete until you have Amazon Echo and SmartTiles. It’s that good.


The advertising is nothing. It is just that you can’t have a picture of your kids or pet on your lock screen. You instead get an ad for the newest Amazon Prime TV show, or the deal of the day, or Blu-ray release etc.
To be honest ,I don’t even notice them. No different than the carrier splash screen that every carrier puts on the phone or tablet you buy from them.

Would there be a way to have the screen turn on based on a motion sensor?

(I actually have a Windows 10 tablet I was going to play around with as a dedicated mounted control device…)

If you read up a few posts you will see suggestions for motion detection apps to turn on tablet.

For me it is not worth it when u can get a new nexus 7 on Amazon for 150 and can root it and it has qi wireless charging built in.

Not sure why you would need to root a Nexus to use it as a ST control panel .If you want to spend $150 , that is your choice. At $42 each you could put panels in 3 rooms instead of one

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Need root to get tap to unlock. The ones without a custom kernel actually run all the time and suck battery. U don’t want yo have to push the power button on a hone dashboard to get the screen to light up out of sleep

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Ok you got my attention. Any chance you can provide the link or steps for this? I do have a couple of nexus 7 mounted on the wall with motion sensor wake-up. This tap option is great for the one located in the bedroom at sunset to sunrise. Private msg or create a new post would be awesome so we don’t hijack this thread. Thanks!


OK, I have my six Fires and want to strategically place them throughout the house.

One I have next to Alexa using Automatic Voicecast. Other than weather, however, it doesn’t seem to contribute much. It doesn’t react to SmartThings commands, but I’m not sure what would be useful in this case.

In one room, I would like the Sonos App to display. In another I want to see a DropCam feed.

In these two cases, I don’t want the screen on if no one is there. How do I use the Fire camera or Smartthings controlled motion sensor to turn the screen on and off in this situation?


Indeed. Same here.
I know there are threads that touch on it here and there, but does anyone know if there is a dedicated thread for this?

I thought it was in this thread where somebody posted the link to an android app ( which of course would need to be sideloaded on Kindle) that turned the front camera into a motion detector, but I can’t seem to find the comment now.

If you find it, PM me…I need it. Thnx.

I was able to load Alexa and Sonos through the Amazon App store. I also loaded ES File Explorer so I could side load 1Mobile. Once 1Mobile is installed it is pretty easy to install non-Amazon App store apps. I used this site but the steps don’t match exactly the latest Fire:

With 1Mobile I was able to sideload SmartThings, Harmony, Chrome, iRobot, SkyBell and Nuheat among others.

I also installed Tasker through the Amazon App store which I think I will need to pull this off.


First thing I’ve done on every one of our Kindles is to install ES file exp. allow outside apps, then go to 1mobile.com download the apk,so I install all the HA apps I can’t get from Amazon.
Just be careful if you allow 1mobile to update apps. It will update Amazon Prime, Netflix etc to versions that will NOT work on Kindle. Best practice is to only use 1mobile for apps not available from Amazon. There may very well be a reason the version in Amazon appstore is 3-4 versions behind the version on 1mobile market

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