$42 kindle fires

Thats a good deal on the GE outdoor modules. I have been eyeing them up at Lowes but $40 is just too much for me right now.

You don’t need root to use this motion detector. The developer created a plugin for this app and all you have to do is launch both. Been using this for around a year now.

@RLDreams, no luck with double tap on wake with fire HD. I have to press the power button for wake. I will probably get that 6 pack deal.


I have a similar app on one of my old Moto Droids. It is sitting in it’s dock running as a video server/ netcam. IF it was still active, not only on WiFi it would send SMS on motion. Now it just records locally on the sd card. Not the best camera, but good enough. In another couple months it will be the music server for my Holidays display.

You can get a universal Qi charging adapter on Amazon. I got one for my Android phablet which doesn’t have one built in and Wahlah!

Universals I have seen still go inside on the battery. Kindles are sealed ( like Ipad) so no access to the battery to put in Qi receiver.

Depending on what type of power input on the Fire tablet:

You can buy this Qi Wireless Receiver and charge your tablet:

All of this is on Amazon…And the Charging pad is also there:


Wow , thanks @lmosenko , I hadn’t seen the ones that stick to the outside and plug into the usb port. That opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Now if ST could only get the app certified for Amazon so we don’t have to sideload an “mostly working” app.

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I hear that @RLDreams. This type of Qi mode can be used on any phone or tablet/pahblet). It works great. I also recommend waiting for Samsung to release the Qi rapid charger. It uses a 2Amp transmitter for faster charging.

Ya, I did notice that the one you linked was only 600mah . Fine for an old phone, but wouldn’t do anything for a tablet. I have 5A and a 9A I use. Even the standard 1.2A chargers won’t put a dent in charging. Then again if it was mounted 24/7 , that 600mah trickle might just do it. Not if it was set up as a netcam though.

That’s exactly the one I was thinking of! Thank you!

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Smarttiles is much more useful on a wall mounted tablet than the ST app.

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Right. It appears as though the native ST app is only meant to be used as a means of managing the ST hub, devices, etc, but not really as an actual, daily UI.



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Has anyone used an Amazon Fire tablet with the ST app or SmartTiles?

They are dirt cheap now (6 pack for $250), so I was thinking about getting some for a few wall panels and controller for living room and master BR. Just not sure if they run everything smoothly or have the features needed to make a decent wall panel.

Any thoughts?

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If someone gets a new fire… if they want to try to shoe-horn in the Google Play store… .they can confirm compatibility…:smile:

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Any suggestions on a good mounting solution?

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BTW - does sideloading the ST app still work on the Fire Tablets?

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