$42 kindle fires

The fires seem like a hassle. I got this LG 7" g pad tablet on ebay refurbed for $60 with lollipop. It lets me pin an app (i.e. smarttiles) so its all you can use without the unlock code. It turns on with facial recognition automatically or just double tap the screen to turn it off and on. No side loading to do any of this. I am looking into wall mounting it as in this thread, but i think you guys might reconsider the fires.

To be honest, looking through the thread it doesn’t look like it’s that difficult at all and $42 Vs. $60 and new Vs. refurb.

Think I’ll stick with the Fire tablets…

Amazon tablets at 34 right now,


These Kindles are great. I rooted mine, but you don’t actually have to do this. Just side load the Google Play store and it gives the ability to install Tasker (and Motion Detector if you like auto-wake up).

Here it is mounted…


Also… I didn’t want the USB connector visible so I tapped the connector from the inside and ran a USB cable through the back (try that with a $300 iPad!)


Do you have instructions on how to root it? This looks awesome.

Here are the instructions on how to root these devices:

You don’t really need to root. You just need to install Google Play. I did everything with only installing Google Play before root was available. However, to root or install Google Play requires you to install the ADB drivers. That’s said, for the same effort you get root.

Apps I used:

  • Tasker: To display a nice “screen saver” that cycles through a decorative welcome screen and a couple animated weather maps. Touching at anytime brings you to the SmartTiles screen.

  • Firefox: for full screen mode of SmartTiles.

  • Secure Settings: To wake the device when I touch it. By wake I mean the screen dims after a set time. Touching it makes it go bright. I use the developer option to stay awake while plugged in so I never have to worry about the locks screen. But I do allow it to dim to conserve backlight life.

  • Motion Detector (optional): To wake the device, I don’t use this. I prefer to use my screensaver method.

One thing I hoped root would allow me to do is disable keyguard (aka the lock screen). But, the custom Amazon Android doesn’t allow for it. It’s not a big deal to me. I like my screensaver approach the more I use it.


I think he means how you mounted it! Looks clean!


Can you link to the Motion Detector app? Or is that a function in tasker? Its been a long time sense I’ve played around in tasker. And I couldn’t find a “Motion Detector” app in the play store quickly that wakes the device when you walk up to it.

I love my fires, but If I can get some of them to shut off / wake up based on motion, it would be great.

Here is the link to motion detector. I believe it was posted earlier in this thread.

This app broadcasts intent (an event). You’ll configure Tasker to trigger a wake up task when motion is detected.

If you’re wanting the device to wake up and jump right to SmartTiles you may be in for disappointment. There doesn’t appear to be a way to bypass the lock screen (keyguard), or at least I couldn’t get it to work. Having to swipe and enter a password is annoying in my opinion.

I could configure motion detection/Tasker to stop my screensaver and present SmartTiles, but this is because I set the option to never go to sleep while plugged in.

I ended up changing to Cyanogen mod instead. Now I can truly remove the lockscreen and motion detector works.

Just to confirm, you’re saying Cyanogen runs on these sub $50 Kindle Fire 5th gen devices?

I just want to make sure before I go mucking with the firmware.

As far as I last checked, it was only for the older Gen Fire’s but that may have changed since I looked.

I have not done this but the site listed below has file links and a youtube video for CM 12.1 rom on the Fire 7 2015.

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Ya @ErnieG I just watched the video. That’s our device for sure. I’ll give it a try on the wife’s tablet first. :smile:

@JTT sorry I doubted you.


Yes, 5th gen latest Fire tablet. All you need is ADB to boot to TWRP. From there you can flash CM12

Some downloads here

The XDA link above has the newest version (new release posted today). The biggest challenge was getting ADB drivers working for this.


Without rooting this and just getting the Google Play store to install, has anyone been able to add the Smarttiles to the Home screen. I have Google Play installed. I downloaded Chrome. Downloaded Smartthings. But I have not been able to add The Smarttiles to the homescreen or get Chrome to go full screen.

Its worth a shot on kindle

Not perfect, but it will work. Thanks.

I’m using firefox for android with a full screen add-on (tip: long tap to exit full screen):