40amp switch?

Anyone know of a 40amp switch that is a plug in? All of the ones I have seen are direct wire or 15amp certified. I want to plug in my oven and not rewire. Prefer zwave but not a requirement.

Unfortunately, the only two I know of require rewiring.

There’s a big box one from Jasco/GE which is intended for outdoor use, like with a pool pump. It does have a manual button override, which is a nice feature, but it’s still a big box (11.5" tall).


And there’s an in wall relay from Aeon:


Both would require wiring, though. Not that complicated wiring, about the equivalent of replacing a wall receptacle. Most electricians should be able to do it pretty quickly.

If you do decide to go with one of those, shop around, as prices vary a lot. ( there are also a couple of contractor boxes, but those are even bigger than the Jasco.)

Also, Are you sure the stove is only 40 A? A lot of them are 50.

You are right. It’s 50… Guess I will just put a temp sensor to know its on and not worry about trying to switch off remotely. Bummer.

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