4-Way Switch Wiring -- Need Help

I need helping figuring out how to wire the switches for my kitchen. It is a 4 Way set up but I have not seen this type of setup before. There is a total of 3 switches. I am installing 1x GE 12729 Master Switch and 2x GE 12728 Add On Switches. The below picture how the switches are currently setup with what voltage is showing in which switch position. The wire which has 48v is throwing me off. If anyone can help with figuring out how I should wire in the GE Switches, it would be appreciated. The lines in Red are the Red wires. All the others are Black wires.

Just a quick question. How do you measure the voltages? One test probe on a known neutral and the other test probe at the switch terminals? The reason I ask is because there is no terminal with constant 124V which means either you have the wrong neutral or it’s at the light fixture. This also could be causing the 48v or could be floating voltage. If you are not sure. Put one meter probe on the ground terminal as a neutral and do your measurements again.

I put the ground (black) test probe on the ground wire and the positive (red) probe on each line to get the readings as the picture depicts.

Any bundle of wires behind the switches and measurements? Your measurements are great but here’s an example of the info most useful for online help. Obviously sometime it could not be done this way. Just a simple picture with all the wiring.