4 way switch controlling outlet

I have a 4 way switch that includes an outlet (3 wall switches controlling 1 wall outlet).
Does anyone know if I can just replace the wall outlet with a smart outlet instead of changing all 3 wall switches? Making sure the wall switches are always on.

Let me know if you need additional information to be able to answer. Home automation newbie here.
I apologize if there already is a topic for this, I couldn’t find one.

Thank you!

You should be able to just change the outlet. The challenge is to guard 3 switches from off.
Usually the 3 switches control the Line hot wire of the outlet so you should see neutral, line hot (load from the switches) and a ground wire.

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Yes, but I wouldn’t do it. Just remember when there’s no internet access you will have to press the button on the outlet. Also if someone turns one of the switches off it could wreak havoc on your whole system. I took one switch offline while working on the circuit, and was no longer able to shut anything off at all.

Thank you both! I agree, replacing the outlet would be far from ideal as it would be difficult to control all 3 switches. I’m still in the planning stages so I just wanted to know if it would be possible if it would come to that.
I appreciate the quick responses!