4 state Virtual Switch For Ac?

I have a few wifi Frigidaire ac units and I’m looking to find a way to have them integrate with smartthings and I’m using homebridge to get me there as this is the only way I know of. I installed the Frigidaire plugin and it’s working great.

My plan is to create virtual switches in smartthings and port those over to homekit via homebridge and then set up rules from there to map modes. I’m not sure if I can get temp commands, but modes is a good start at least.

Is there a way to create one virtual switch that could toggle 4 modes (fan eco cool off). I’d love to be able to set temp too but I’m probably asking too much there…

You can prob do this with a virtual dimmer and translate the dim % to temp deg ie dim 77% -> set ac to 77 and use the on/off to toggle cool/off. I’d recommend node-red to make the ST -> homebridge automation translation flow well