4-pack Zigbee (generic?) smart plug $46 w/Prime shipping

These plugs will be recognized as a “thing” so you must go into the IDE and change the device type to Zigbee switch. There’s an additional 8% off coupon on the page to bring the price down to $46.00

They don’t seam to have a UL certification, so use at your own risk.


I wonder how useful UL really is. How many products do they have to certify, tens of millions a year? With a staff of thousands. let’s do some math. Wiki says UL has 12k employees. Let’s say 10 million items require UL certification per year. 10m/12k = 833 certifications per employee. In reality we know only a tiny fraction of the 12k actually do testing. I suspect the “testing” is really a survey of some sort, not actual product testing of every single component, etc. And then quite regularly we see recalls for fire hazards on UL certified products. What are we to make of it? Plus, the certification is often printing on a box or product, which is dead simple to just add.

That being said, I saw one review mentioning that the plug covers the second one on the wall which is an epic fail. I’ll wait for something better.

It’s very useful if you have an electrical issue/ :fire: and try to file an insurance claim.


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