4-Pack Sylvania 65W Equivalent Smart+ ZigBee Changing & Dimmable BR30 LED Bulb $22 @ amazom

3rd party seller ( 88% positive in the last 12 months - 1095 ratings) - no idea how long this deal will be available


Pulled the trigger on a two pack. I only have two of these in my house and they’re in our master bathroom. Paid a little bit more per bulb, but I don’t need four.thanks.

I had added it to my cart when I first saw this 2h ago, but got busy and didn’t get a chance to check out. Just went back now and it says that seller no longer has the item. It’s now available for $26.95, but with Prime shipping.

Does this use a standard (local) DTH?

Yes (10 characters)

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Should be “zigbee rgbw bulb”

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Still available today for $26.95.