4 Gang Switch UK Current Options

Hi all,

First off I know this isn’t a new topic but the old threads seem to be very old or not UK based.

I’m after a four gang switch as I can’t find a DTH for a MCO home version.

I know I can go with 2no fibaro doubles on standard retractive switches and I have the box size and neutrals covered, but looking for something a bit smarter looking.

I can change the box size no issue and smart bulbs are not an option.

Lastly, I’d like some comfort that they’ll work with the edge drivers.

So, any ideas?

My answer would be the same as my answer in this thread from last week. I know you’re aware of the issue with edge drivers, but I’m not sure if you’re aware of the multi component issue with edge drivers. So I think I would still write pretty much the same thing, just presented a little differently.

Simple UK solutions for no neutral 3 gang light switch replacements? One switch is also part of a two-way - #2 by JDRoberts


I did read that thread but I’m in a slightly better position where I have a neutral at the switch and hoped that might change things.

The fibraro double is currently fully supported, does that not use multiple end points too?

I must admit I missed the part about light wave having smartthings support so I’ll give that a look!

Thanks @JDRoberts

Edit: Lightwave is expensive!!

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Yes, but currently supported with a Groovy DTH. The new architecture will use Lua instead of Groovy for Edge Drivers, which are the replacement for Groovy DTHs. Only right now, there is no support for multiendpoint switches in the Edge Driver beta. So it’s just hard to say what will work after the transition.

They have to though. If we cannot rely on the ST team making edge work with devices that are currently fully supported then everyone will have no choice but to abandon the system. I would also call into question what is being referred too here :

Once we work through the initial bugs and glitches, we will begin upgrading your devices from Device Type Handlers to Edge Drivers in phases.

Which is taken from the announcent. I’m sure they don’t mean the communities bespoke drivers so surely they’re talking about the ones they’ve already certified.

Either way it’s just a bit poor planning, but I think we’ve covered that!