3way switch one neutral

(Allen) #1

Hi all,

I have installed a couple of Lowes GE 3-way switches in multiple locations in my home, but I ran into a 3 way switch for my living room that has a neutral at one entrance switch, but no neutral in the other entrance switch. I couldn’t find anything similar in the forums, but is there anything I can do?

(Edward Pope) #2

The GE 3 way need the neutral and power, and a 3rd line that is utilized as a traveler or signal line. I am not sure from your description, but it appears that without the neutral or traveler line that the 3 way cannot go where you have in mind. However, it could be that the switch that has two wires is actually the main switch and the electrician wired in the other switch to work like a 3-way. This is not electrically sound, but can be done.

(Allen) #3

Yes it’s weird I have hooked up three 3-way switches in my house successfully, but this is the first switch that has a neutral in one and the other does not. I can wire it up as a 2-way, but it is not ideal. The other weird thing they used the red wire as the common.

(Edward Pope) #4

I am not an Electrician, so let me say that you should hire one for resolving this problem, It sounds like whoever put this in hacked it. In looking at the picture that you supplied it looks like they have Neutral, Hot, and ground if that lower line is attached to ground. But, since I am not there with a meter to see how it all connects I am not certain.