3way Switch be used in place of a standard switch

I have a coupon at Lowes unfortunately my local lowes only has GE 3way switches. Can I use the 3 way switches as a normal switch without connecting a remote switch through the traveler?

If so and the pricing are the same ill just buy all 3way switches since thats all that my local lowes has in stock.

@rajbalwani Yes you can do that. I was in the same situation at one of our Lowes. The 3-way kit comes with the normal zwave switch and the accessory switch. Just hold on to the accessory switch in case you need it some day.

Make sure to cover up the Traveler terminal with electrical tape before installation so you don’t accidentally use it.

As long as your switch is 12722 (on/off) or 12724 (dimmer). You’re good to go.

…or the Jasco 45609’s, which are the same thing. There’s also the GE 46537’s that get paired with the accessory switches.

Also, you’ll see a sticker on these switches in the Lowes packaging that says ZW400x,

I have all of them…

Does the 46537 have the instant state update? Ive read that there are big issues with that one. I only own the 127xxx

I have 67+ GE and Jasco 456/465’s in all sorts of uses. Technically only a handful of switch providers pay the license fee for instant state update (Lutron’s patent I believe), so ST has worked something on their backend that ensures these GE (and others) switches are as instant as instant can be, even the one you have. I remember having that discussion with support almost a year and a half ago. All mine are reporting instantly.

Here’s an old Community discussion about it:

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