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3rd Presences sensor

(Chad) #1

So I have a third presence sensor fob from smarththings that I would like to be able to use as a guest sensor. i.e Wife and I are on VAC could just give it to house sitter. Is there a way to set it up that I can easily turn it off when not in use. I dont want to have the battery draining when its just sitting there plus I dont want to have to program it every time I hand it to someone.

(Robin) #2

This won’t however solve the battery draining issue… it just allows you to spoof the fob to appear away.

(Robin) #3

I should point out that I recently took the battery out of my wife’s fob for 2 weeks.

When we got home from holiday, I put the battery back in but the fob refused to talk to the hub and needed a full reset!

Even then it wouldn’t reconnect to the hub despite trying for over an hour. The next day however it connected first time which was odd.

Maybe I was just unlucky, but if this happens when you need the fob quickly, it could be very annoying!

(pillock) #4

What would be really good is a presence fob you could “dock”, and it contains a rechargeable button cell and a couple of contacts on the end that match up with the dock to charge it.

(Chad) #5

Yea the batteries in sure would die which is why I considered removing when not in use but my luck i would break the casing after a few times

(Don) #6

Could you just give the house sitter one of your FOB? Your not using it, your away?

Unless it controls very specific things for you 2.

If it does, could you create a virtual switch or mode to disable those things when your away and they are using it?

Kinda a rough method but what about a mini mote 4 button controller. When they are outside house use it to disable alarms? Then give it back when you get back.