$38.24 hue lights from AWD, good deal?

The ones listed for $38.24 are “Used” and not “New”

Maybe, but lightbulbs in a damaged package would make me nervous.

Item has minor cosmetic damage to top, front or sides. Item will come in original packaging. Packaging may be damaged.

I saw that, but if it was anything like the Lightify Gardenspot lights, the lights will be new, and they will come in the damaged box.


Since they are being sold as “used” the Phillips warranty will not apply. So if they die in a few months, you didn’t save any money. But obviously it’s a personal choice. I tend to buy electronics new from a reputable retailer with a good returns policy and products with a good warranty. Other people buy from garage sales . Your choice. :sunglasses:

I already new that! :grin:

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Talk about timing. Just received an email from SmartThings with a link to Hue bulbs on sale.

I did not think about the warranty. I guess on the gardenspot it wasnt such a big deal considering ti paid 24/each (2) when they retail for 60. However, on the Hue, I will only be saving about $10. Very good point, thank you JD


I think thats only for white, and not color, I can’t sem to find any discount on the color ones :frowning:

Since Philips just released the generation 3 Hue bulbs a few weeks ago (better greens and blues, and a little brighter, otherwise about the same as gen 2), I’d expect to see sales on the generation 2 bulbs in late November and December to clear inventory for the newer model.

With the luck some of us have had lately with AWD , it is not worth the risk to save $6 on a bulb. If they were $20-$25 I would go for it, but not $39 for a $45 bulb that you can find regularly 3/$100

New 3rd gen color are only $49

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Unless you already have some 2nd gen lights, 3rd gen should be the only ones you consider getting. Better colors and wider range of colors.