3320-L Flashing multiple colors

Hey, since the Lowes deals on the Iris kits, I have bought over 6 of these kits. On my last set I am having a weird issue with the last 2 window/door sensors.

It seems to be partially connecting, it will read the temp sensor but the open/close doesnt work. I remove the battery let it sit for 10 seconds, insert battery and it will start flashing green, red, pink, blue, orange non stop.

I have tried removing the sensor from ST, factory reset the sensor, readded the sensor still no luck

Thing Device Thing2
Name Thing
Label Thing2
Type SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor
Version Published
Zigbee Id 000D6F000B6625DA
Device Network Id AAB7
Hub Home Hub
Last Activity At 2016-02-03 8:47 AM EST
Date Created 2016-02-02 9:57 PM EST
Last Updated 2016-02-02 9:59 PM EST
endpointId: 01
manufacturer: CentraLite
model: 3320-L
Raw Description 01 0104 0402 00 07 0000 0001 0003 0020 0402 0500 0B05 01 0019
Current States
temperature: 64
battery: 77
contact: closed
Preferences (edit)
Name Type Value
tempOffset number
Events List Events
In Use By

ive seen this once before, but it was on Beta hardware and was a result of what I believe to be a firmware reinstall. A hardware reset will hopefully do the trick. Otherwise, id try to get the store to replace them.

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Yea, factory reset didn’t do anything.
I took a video of the flashing colors, the color that looks like red is really a pink/peach color. :
Video to issue

That looked just like mine. The iris hub can update firmware on those, but I don’t believe ST can. If you have a gen 2 iris hub, then I’d try pairing with that to see if it will get upgraded. I’d then repair with ST

Have you tried contacting Lowes iris support? You could also post something at livingwithiris.com to see if they have run into it. Have you swapped batteries?


i packed up that kit and took it back to lowes for an exchange. new kit worked! (nwe kit also had clear double sided tape which made it easier to tell a part!)