3 way toggle light switch

So I have outside lights that work on a 3 way light switch. I’ve done a little research and came to a conclusion that the GE Toggle Switch with the AddOn probably wouldn’t work since it seems to just allow you to create a 3 way switch from a non 3 way switch.

Are there toggle switches in which I can just replace my current two 3 way switches that would work with smartthings? The easiest would just switch out the new switch putting the wires in the same location on the new switch.

Thanks for your help.

@ryanrk, that GE switch plus an auxiliary switch (add on as you’ve stated) is exactly what you need because that’s what it’s designed to replace. Lowes sells the decora version in a 3 way kit. I have 6 GE three way switches doing exactly what you describe.

You can use any GE zwave switch with a few auxiliary switches to create 3 and 4 way combinations.