3-way switch with only one switch having neutral wire

You have wiring options, but they all involve running additional wires to that box, which is why @ritchierich gave you the link to the wiring FAQ. Many different options are discussed in that thread so you might check it out.

Your other alternative is to use a battery operated switch at the auxiliary position so you don’t have to deal with the wiring at all.

There are several choices for these. Lutron Caseta switches are very well engineered. You use one of their master switches in the master position and then use their pico remotes in the auxiliary position. The pico is a battery powered device that has a 10 year battery. You would also need their smartbridge in order to get SmartThings integration. ( One SmartBridge can handle up to 40 Lutron devices) This is a very popular choice for houses with old wiring, regardless of the particular configuration.


The other alternative is a smart switch cover which fits over the existing switch. There are several of these available now.

In all the zwave/zigbee options with a battery operated device, the auxiliary talks to The Smartthings hub and then the hub send the message to the master to actually turn on the light.

The following thread shows the battery operated devices that work with SmartThings, including the switch covers. There are also some mains powered Devices there, so read the descriptions carefully.

So while none of those are perfect, it does give you three options.

One) run some additional wires. For details on that, see the GE wiring FAQ.

Two) use the Lutron Caseta devices for both the master (Caseta Switch) and the auxiliary (Pico remote).

  1. use whatever smart master switch you want at the master position and use one of the other battery powered devices at the auxiliary position. See the buttons FAQ for those devices.