3 way switch for lights and fan

Thanks in advance for the help.
With Prime Day going on and some good deals at Best Buy I’m trying to get ahead of something.
We’re in the midst of having a new home built. I was planning on having them install smart switches instead of basic switches, so I can move from smart light bulbs to the more cost efficient use of the switches.
There are 2 of types of switches I’ll have in the new house.
One dual switch will control recessed lighting and the other a ceiling fan. And on the opposite end of the room, there is a 3 switch that will also control the recessed lighting, ceiling fan, but added the patio light. What type of smart switch do I need to buy to control the recessed lighting. I’m not as concerned about controlling the fan or the patio, but want to control the lighting.
I have attached pics.
Thank you so much!
(using Smartthings hub v3 and alexa)

GE or Zooz z-wave switches will work. The GE requires an add-on switch for the 2nd switch location, the Zooz does not. But you can dim from the GE add-on.


If you’re starting fresh, consider using paddle switches throughout. You’ll have a lot more options for smart switches that blend; there are a couple of options for simple smart toggles, but not, for instance, smart fan controls.

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hi, i got a 3 switch control and want to convert to smart switch. which one you do you prefer. i have exact model as mentioned above… trying to install recessed lights in hall way

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