3 way switch and filterEVents

I’m wondering if anyone out there can give me a hand or some info on an issue I’m running into.

I’m trying to write an app that listens to button presses on a GE 3 way switch. I have filterEvents set to false so I can get events for non state change events. However it seems that I only receive non state change events with the primary switch on the 3 way is pressed. When I press up on the secondary switch and the lights are already on, no event is fired. I do receive an initial event when the state changes though.

Has anyone run into this before? Is it the expected behaviour? If it is, is there anything I can do to work around it? The functionality I’m going for is built around being able to detect button presses on either switch even when the state doesn’t change.


Unfortunately, I think this is expected. In these setups, the secondary switch has no connection to ST, so all of its button presses are being routed through the primary switch. The primary switch is acting as a filter itself. If it’s already ‘on’, it ignores the ‘on’ press on the secondary switch. Only if the primary needs to change state, will it take action.

Hmm ok. That makes sense I guess. Thanks for the info.

Do we know if that new Add on switch that the shop has would have the same behaviour or does it actually talk to the hub?