3 way Martin wifi switch

I have a 3 ways switch that goes to two garage lights will not work when initially connected to turn on but will not turn off using any app. Can turn off using the other non wifi switch and can turn on using wifi switch. Switch is wired using 3 wire cable with ground from switch to first light then two…two wire cable with ground from first light to second light. Then 3 wire cable with ground from second light to switch. I attached a diagram. Should it be wired differently?

Your switch should have come with wiring instructions.

Some, but not all, smart switches require replacing both sides of a three-way.

It’s a Martin Jerry switch which didnt require me to replace the both switches. Just the master switch. Those are the instructions that they sent after emailing them. Still doesn’t work properly.

You might want to hire an electrician or send them back. Are you sure they will even work with smartthings after you get them installed?

Well I wired the house myself so…I do have some electrical knowledge. It does initially work then after the first or second time it wont shut off using the app unless I turn it off with the non wifi switch. I have another light that’s wired the same except it’s just one light so there isn’t the 2-2 wire with ground wires involved.