3-way in wall smart switch that will work locally on smartthings

Does anyone have any good recommendations for reliable in-wall 3-way switches that utilize edge drivers to run locally?

Currently, have KASA 3-way switches that work ok, but require linked service to run in smartthings via the cloud.

what country and do you own a smartthings hub?

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I’m in the United States and I do own a smartthings hub.

If you prefer z-wave, I like Zooz switches since they don’t require a separate accessory switch for 3-way applications. Some of their switches are part of the default edge drivers and others can be found in a beta edge driver channel their developer has started.

If you prefer zigbee, Enbrighten zigbee switches work with the default edge drivers and Aqara zigbee switches have a community edge driver you can find here in the forum.