3 Way Fan Control

I am looking for a switch to control fan speed but it needs to be 3 way. Fan motor is 1/2HP and 4.8 amps.

The Jasco website indicates that their add on switches work with their fan controllers. You should be able to use the GE or Honeywell zwave fan controller with an add on switch.

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But isn’t the add on switch just on and off, not speed control?

No, that’s not correct. The add-on switch mirrors the functionality of the switch it’s attached to. If it’s attached to a dimmer, it can dim. If it’s attached to a fan controller (just a specialized dimmer), it controls the speed.

Looks like they are only good for 2.5 amps any way so that doesn’t work.

That’s due to the way these switches work. They are not physically connected to the load, they simply send a signal over the traveler wire to the main switch. They’d work just fine for your fan. The traveler wire no longer carries any fan load.

That is what I am talking about, the main switch is rated for 2.5 amps.

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Gotcha. That must be one heck of a fan. Sorry I’m not aware of any other fan controllers that would work.

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It is actually an exhaust fan in the end of a building.