3 way dimmer switch lights turn off if > 80%

(John Stroud) #1

So this is strange, I have a 3way dimmer switch in the dining room and if I turn it on over 85%, the whole light turns off. Has anyone run into this or something similar before? Is this something that can be fixed?

(Edward Pope) #2

What brand are you using for the 3 way? And what type of light do you have in the lighting unit?

(John Stroud) #3

I’m using the GE 3way dimmer kit. For the light fixture, I’m not sure. It’s a ceiling fan with light. I’ve set the app to turn the light on to only 81% which seems to work

(Edward Pope) #4

Are you using the switch to control the ceiling fan as well? If so, that will eventually burn out the switch or the fan motor. Are you using cfl or LED lighting?

(Edward Pope) #5

Also using the dimmer this way is likely to be your issue.

(John Stroud) #6

The switches are not controlling the fan, only the light. I’m using dimmable CFL’s…

(Edward Pope) #7

Ok, good about just controlling the lights. May I suggest that if you have any of the old standard bulbs that you replace the lights in the fan with them for a test? I have heard that there are issues with the GE switch and CFL. I use LED’s and have no issue (well so far).

(John Stroud) #8

Well I just spent $30 on dimmable CFL’s, so I’ll look to LED’s when these burn out :smiley:

Thanks for your help!

(Edward Pope) #9

Did it work for you at least?

(John Stroud) #10

As long as I keep it to 81% it works like a charm :slight_smile: