3 Sengled Switches 1 Room

Hello all. I have a rather large kitchen that has 3 exits/entries. I have 3 Sengled Switches on the walls, to contoll my SYlvania bulbs. But I can’t get everything to sync correctly. There are 15 recessed bulbs, but when I hit one switch, some lights go off, others stay on. I am using the built in SmartLight app. But can’t seem to get them all to work correctly.

Any suggestions

You’re using smart switches to control smart bulbs?

Sengled switches are battery operated, similar to the hue dimmer switch, and are intended for the control of smart bulbs. :wink:

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Well yeah, the average visitor needs to have the option to turn on or off lights without speaking to them

Try putting them in a scene and see if that helps. there have been problems in the past if you have too many lights in one smartlighting automation.

I never used Scenes before. Do I then need 1 scene to turn on and another to turn off?

I am assuming I then add the scenes to Smarth lighting?

Yes, yes, and yes. :sunglasses:

Cool, I never really paid much attention to those devices, thanks for sharing that. @Phil_Panfili I was just double checking that you weren’t cutting power to a bulb.

@JDRoberts’s recommendation is spot on. Scenes are super handy.

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Late to the party. You can use SmartLighting and the MIRROR selection., You then add the switches to the devices that mirror controls. So when switch1 goes on, so do all the other switches. And then they’ll work … otherwise, the other switches are out of sync with what is going on

Note: Smart Lighting will be phased out when groovy is shut down

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NOOOOOOO! Dang it … Is there any good posts or blogs or videos or anything on the future of this whole eco-system. I feel for the last 2 years Ive been tippy-toeing on tech that is about to be rug pulled on me. I find overly clever solutions, that might just be wiped :frowning:

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I wish there was because there are so many UNKNOWNS at this time.