3 Devices in Sync without duplicate commands?

I’m using the RBoysApps: LUM(Lock User Manager), Intruder Detection, and Ring Keypad Gen 2 device handler.

I’m looking to get some suggestions around how to program this with WebCore or some other way. I have a Ring keypad Gen 2, ActionTiles, and the new STHM that I want to keep in sync. The problem is that the Ring keypad will make announcements multiple times since one thing updates another and I get this echo effect where it comes back to update the Ring Keypad. I wish I could somehow differentiate when to and when not to send it to the Ring keypad but I can’t come up with the logic on how to do this in WebCore. It’s sort of like this as they all have to update each other depending on where you make a change:

RingKeypad <-> ActionTiles <-> STHM <-> (Loop to RingKeypad)

So any time you make a change in one place, it updates everything else. The problem is that the Ring Keypad will say Disarmed 2-3 times because it’s getting those commands as the commands make their way around to ensure everything is in sync.

Any ideas how I can fix that?

Inserting a delay in the logic allowed the keypad to show as updated and allowed the logic to work properly.

Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 9.27.52 AM