3 days with SmartThings and already cannot log in

This is not inspiring great confidence in this service as I have only had this for 3 days, 2 1/2 days of full operational and already cannot log in to my dashboard. I checked everything I can think of on my end and still not getting it. I checked the app and I can see that my hub is connected but cannot do anything else… If I was locked outside of my home with no way of getting in (no keys) I would be greatly pissed off. Deleted the app reinstalled now says my user/pass is incorrect… while I know it’s correct… I think authentication/services are down, I hope and it’s not me… anyone else having this issue?

First have you emailed support?
Secondly, don’t set yourself up for failure and become completely dependent on your home automation products. I myself have automated door locks, but I have a pin and a key to still allow access in the event of; power failure, battery failure, ISP failure. When automation fails, and it will, be able to do it manually.


This is great advice and should be stickied somehow lol…

Home Automation is still a relatively new field (in the IoT space) so we have to afford them some liniency. Of course there are times when things are the fault of STs and they do all they can to right them asap in every case i’ve seen.

Sucks you can’t login but I think support will be able to help you :smile:


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There are no issues on our end that would be causing the behavior you’re seeing. Please visit https://support.smartthings.com and live chat us in the bottom right of the window. We’ll figure it out quickly for you.



Thanks all for the advise… Got it all sorted out not on my end but on ST’s end. Everything is working as it should. Yes I have a code on my lock now and a key stashed away outside in case battery goes out.

Well I get home and lock did not unlock automatically, outside lights are still on, and my sonos did not announce my arrival… St is down again all with in the first week… Did the usual again unplug hub, logged off tried logging back on same thing I can see some light are on but I cannot turn them off from the app… Hmm. I still have the free wink hub if things continue as they are going to ask for my money back and use this wink hub until Apple comes out with their homekit… Anyone in support can confirm site down again??


I don’t see any big system outages reported for today, but not all problems get reported there, especially if they aren’t affecting very many people.


BTW, Check any published review: wink has a poorer reputation for stability and individual device performance than smart things.

If your main priority is stability, take a look at Staples connect. Because their primary market is small businesses, they made stability their number one requirement. They have many fewer devices, and have limited anything that might introduce instability. So no geopresence, and no ifttt channel. And no way for customers to write their own code. And the devices they do have tend to be among the most expensive in their class. But if you check their customer forums, you’ll find the biggest complaints are that they haven’t added support for some of the newer devices, not that things that work on Monday stop working on Tuesday.

I stick with smartthings for now because it’s giving me pretty good voice control, and a mix of devices that I like. I like their long-term vision, I like their staff, and I like this community. I am using it only for convenience cases, things where it saves me time or effort but I have an immediately available Plan B if smartthings doesn’t work.

Because I’m quadriparetic, convenience is a big plus for me. But I’m putting off my really big home automation projects until the fall of 2016, when I expect there will be more competitors available with reliable relatively inexpensive plug-and-play systems.

Because Staples connect doesn’t have an IFTTT channel, it doesn’t offer me the voice control options that I currently need.

Everybody’s priorities are different. If smartthings is only making you unhappy, there are certainly other possibilities to look at.

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Well what’s so funny is that I did read everything before jumping in to the home automation thing and this is why I choose to get ST. I received a FREE wink hub with items purchased and I received a FREE staples connect hub as well. However the one I choose was $99 and it’s doing a shitty job at doing what I want it to do… witch is simply turn on/off lights…
support has already looked at my logs and said that the hub has been connected this hole time.
So there you have it I have 3 hubs and I may give staples connect a try next if this does not work.
I do want ST cause it integrates with my sonos and does the voice commands as you mentioned but if it’s not going to work I rather have something that works.

If you try one of the other hubs, at least you can see if maybe there’s some weird local architecture issue that’s interfering with your network.

It’s rare, but it can happen that a particular wallpaper, a particular type of drywall, or even a particular type of insulation, can prevent signal transmission in your home. People are usually aware of this, because it will affect Wi-Fi also. But you never know. If there’s a particular light that isn’t working, switching just that to a different hub and seeing what happens for a week or so might tell you a lot.

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Well Spoke with support and my hub was actually locked down twice. I got this hub from an online retailer and it turns out that this unit was purchased fraudulently so this is why it was locked down.
I have purchased a new hub and waiting for it to arrive as support assured me that I would not have these types of issues with a hub purchased straight from the shop.
Still waiting for the seller to respond to the paypal claim so I will see what happens with that.
Thanks for all the help guys.


people suck man!

Glad you got it resolved though!!! Welcome to the Forums! If you have any questions please let me know. PMs are always welcome!

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There, fixed it for you. Most people don’t suck. I like most people. Just dishonest people! Ugh! Glad you got it figured out @oghugo! I’m glad you’re here at the community! Welcome!


Haha! Agreed! Shady people are the worst!

In my mind that’s what I meant lol