3-button scene controller for curtains

looks like I fell short on the WAF (Wife Approval Factor) for the new automated curtains in the living room. I programmed them with WEBCoRE to do what we want automatically. Although it has been confessed they are always open or closed as they should be, I’ve been commissioned to add a button control for them.

The ideal location would be next to a two gang box which controls the light and ceiling fan. in an ideal world I would like to add a luton-pico like 3-button scene controller surface mounted next to the two gang with a single wall plate making it look like it is a 3-gang box (demanding eh?)

thoughts is open/auto/closed and I’ll program WEBCoRE to keep track of the states and reset to auto overnight.

suggestions on a button to use? I have a luton pro bridge on the way so pico’s are an option. unfortunately the 3-button pico is a Maestro and not a caseta.


There are multiple three button Picos that work with Caseta. See the model number list on the Lutron site:


Otherwise you might want to wait a few months as there are two different companies coming out with Z wave devices later this year that have a very similar form factor to pico’s. :sunglasses:

looks like I missed some of the pico variations, thank you, I ordered one to try. Interested to see those Jasco’s hit the market. looks like they protrude a bit more than the luton, if the price is right and they work well could be well worth it

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