2Gig/Linear Dimmer switch WD500Z

Just installed the 2Gig/Linear dimmer switches I received from Amazon today ($26 each :slight_smile:

Tapped the generic connect new device button on the app and it took about 2 seconds to pair up. Way faster then any other device I’ve attached.

They work great. Ramps lights up and down smoothly and responds to commands quickly. Manual switch has a nice feel but I would like a bit more travel on the rocker to make it fell like the dumb switches I’ve grown use to.

Surprised not to see it on the list of compatible devices. Hoping they have a long list of devices to go through and haven’t got to this one yet.

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was it a special promo? amazon has it but it’s $31.92

Darn it. Guess I got lucky. Last Thursday they were and change. I Should have ordered a cpl more.