2Gig CT100 Thermostat

I am thinking of getting the 2gig ct100 zwave stat. Once installed on the wall and confirmed working and working with zwave to the hub, will smartthings natively be able to control it? Or do I need to download another app to control it, similar to the smart lights I installed once I installed some smart LED bulbs. Thanks

SmartThings recognizes it as Z-wave Thermostat and provides basic controls witrout installing anything else. To use more advanced features, there are several threads with device types specific to the CT100. Personally, I use the customizations from this thread:

Do you have any rules that control the t-stat? I also use a custom handler and can’t seem to get some functions to work properly.

No rules yet, I haven’t had them very long. So far just happy to set the set points and monitor temp and humidity. Which handler are you using and what are you trying to do?

I use the 2gig ct100 stat in my garage and have rules to turn off the thermostat if the garage door is open for more than 3 min. The rule works fine but there is an issue with the device handler not being able to turn off the stat. Also have rules that keep the temp at a certain temp and when it hits the setpoint it set back to 5°F-10°F lower so the heater isn’t always running… I checked with the developer of Rule Machine and he mentioned that the handler doesn’t use the standard protocol that ST requires for a few things. I find it odd that ST wrote something that is against their own standards…

Just wondered if others have ran across this or not.

For your door open rule, I saw a post recently where someone suggested changing the setpoint rather than trying to turn off, for a similar reason. But if you’re also having issues changing the setpoint for the other rule, that probably won’t help.

Have you tried using a custom command from RM? These communicate with the handler directly, instead of some other abstraction layer. The custom commands would only show methods that are actually supported by the device handler, and usually expose additional commands that aren’t normally available via the “standard” functionality. I haven’t tried these with the thermostats, but I successfully use custom commands to control my Sonos (the “standard” is severely lacking in this area).

I do change the setpoint but in the middle of winter my wife likes to leave the door open if the kids are outside so when its 0°F and the min setpoint is 25°F… the heater just keeps running!!

I haven’t tried custom commands as I’m not exactly sure how to do that… I may look into it.

I just tested the custom command and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the suggestion!

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