25 Apartment with 25 schlage connect keypads. I need to control the locks using an API! PLEASE HELP


My name is Moe and I’m the founder of Evonify LLC, we’re a startup that rents out furnished luxury suites to corporations. We have 25 apartment and each apartment has a Schlage connect keypad. We need to be able to automatically schedule users and add/delete codes using our central database. Therefore, we need to figure out a way to communicate with the door locks using an API.

Is there a way to control ST from an API and make issue commands to the door lock such as “lock” “unlock” “add code” …etc?

The only thing I was able to find is Lock Manager Api by rBoyapps.com . It’s around $99 per license per hub, which means we will need 25 licenses for the 25 apartments since every apartment got a hub. That’s extremely costly and beyond our budget. Is there any other way to do this?

Any suggestion to approach this problem would be appreciated.

Have you added the Smart Lock Guest Access smartapp?

Have you contacted @RBoy About their volume discount that is mentioned on their website


I would contact @Rboy and discuss the issue with him. But honestly, you have 25 luxury apartments and a 100 USD cost is too much per apartment for a piece of software which would handle probably all your needs and would make your life far more easier. Your investment would return on the first few clients when you don’t need to turn up at the place to let the client in.


Exactly. Takes money to make money. And if you’re providing a service to your renters… You need fallback support.

RBoy has great service - part of what you are paying for.

St support is going to be where this falls down unfortunately. Read the terms of service, they don’t support commercial installs. Also unless this is a short term rental I won’t want YOU having control of my locks or anything else in my SmartThings setup… It would actually be a detractor and I would not select the apartment on that point alone. Get ready for your tenants disconnecting stuff.


Short term rental, We need to generate codes, for every new guest and delete the code after checkout and we wanna do it automatically.

We have reached out and Rboy gave us a great price actually.

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You might find the commercial solutions that communicate via the cellular network and allow for website integration more appropriate and reliable for your commercial application.

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