24/7 live monitoring of Arlo/Ring cameras

I’m looking for some sort of way that I can keep a screen (either wall mounted tablet, PC monitor or I’d consider picking up a cheap TV for wall mounting) with a 24/7-ish video feed of a mix of Ring and Arlo cameras. And in the case of the latter I’d like the ability to dip into the audio feed when I get an alert.

I’ve looked at ActionTiles but I can’t work out whether a) Ring/Arlo are compatible, and b) whether I’d be able to get the audio.

Is there an obvious solution to this? Would AT do what’s needed?

Search the forums on Actiontiles. Ring can be launched on motion using automateit.

Arlo is more difficult if you have multiple cameras. Arlo also on my tablet loses the login and makes me log in again.

There is no rtsp capabilities in either.

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